Nearly 20 million American adults suffer from SUD

The Crisis We Face

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a growing crisis, impacting millions of Americans across age groups, gender, income levels and other demographics.

Nearly 20 million American adults suffer from SUD.

There has been an increase in new users in one of the most vulnerable age groups (18-25 years).

Two-thirds of adults (65 percent) in our community know someone who suffers from addiction, including more than 70 percent of millennials.

The Stigma of Substance Abuse

For far too many people, the stigma associated with addiction can be a barrier to seeking much-needed help and support.

More than a quarter of adults in our community believe addiction is a choice.

A recent survey by Johns Hopkins found that people are significantly more likely to have negative attitudes towards those dealing with addiction than those dealing with other mental illness.

Only 22 percent of adults in the Northern Virginia community said they would be willing to work closely on a job with a person with an addiction.

Supporting Our Friends and Neighbors

Nearly half of adults in Northern Virginia do not know how to help a loved one who is suffering from addiction.

As many as 90 percent of those who suffer from substance use disorder do not receive the help they need.

Act on Addiction Now.